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Blip passive small

Blip cylinder passive small - 9.5 mm stroke

Extra small, passive blip cylinder to move the throttle to initiate the throttle blip via the AGS central unit.

Technical description:


The blip cylinder is operated with a pressure of between 6-8 bar. The compressed air is supplied via a Dash 3 hose. The pressure supply is controlled via the connected valve block (passive blip cylinder). Despite its extremely small and lightweight construction the unit produces 120N at 6 bar pressure. The piston stroke is 9.5 mm without return spring. A filter protects the ventilation hole from contamination.


The simple and user friendly assembly and adjustment is ensured by the two slotted holes on the housing.

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378-014-0116603Blip cylinder passive small - 9.5 mm stroke...load datasheet...note this product