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Blip Skoda WRC

Blip cylinder Skoda - World Rally Cup

Passive blip cylinder to move the throttle to initiate the throttle blip via the AGS central unit, which was developed for Skoda for applications in the WRC.

Technical description:


The blip cylinder is operated with a pressure of between 6-8 bar. The compressed air is supplied via a Dash 3 hose. The pressure supply is controlled via the connected valve block (passive blip cylinder). Despite its extremely small and lightweight construction the unit produces 185N at 6 bar pressure. The piston stroke range is 0 5.0 mm (adjustable) without return spring. A filter protects the ventilation hole from contamination.


For this version, special emphasis was placed on extreme durability and strength, which are basic requirements for applications in WRC rally cars.

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349-014-011c4329Blip cylinder Skoda - World Rally Cup...note this product