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E-Clutch Actuator

E-Clutch actuator 'OEM'

Electro-hydraulic clutch actuator, operated via clutch paddle mounted on e.g. steering wheel

Technical details:


The e-clutch is an electro-hydraulic actuator that replaces the conventional, foot paddle driven clutch actuation system.

The unit is driven by an electro motor which is controlled via analog paddles mounted on the steering wheel (clutch foot pedal becomes obsolete).

Due to an optionally available, special software function the unit can also be utilized as an 'automatic clutch', functioning similar to a centrifugal clutch.


This concept of actuating the clutch via an electric motor does no longer require a mechanical link of clutch paddle and hydraulic clutch circuit. Therefore the e-clutch system offers the possibility to freely place the e-clutch actuator within the car for e.g. optimized weight allocation or significant reduction of hydraulic pipe length. This


The e-clutch features automatic anti-stall function by being able to open the clutch in approx. 140ms (@ clutch pressure of 40bar). The system is suitable up to 60 bar hydraulic system pressure.

It also offers a very effective and smooth launch control as an optional function that can be activated.


Besides that the unit has an integrated functionality to comply with the FIA safety requirement of being able to externally disconnect the drive train in case of a stranded car with stalled engine.


For maximum performance and optimized control of the actuator, the E-Clutch OEM is used in combination with the MEGA-Line Clutch Paddle "GT".

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