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Central unit AGS OEM II

AGS (Assisted Gearshift System) control unit for gearbox control incl. compressor and pressure reservoir.

Technical description:


The AGS control unit is the heart of the MEGA-Line race gearbox control (suitable for all sequential race gearboxes). It includes both the controller based microcontrols as well as the compressor for the system incl. pressure reservoir.


The MEGA-Line race gearbox automatic control systems are the most efficient and reliable control systems on the market.


The AGS OEM II is the most sophisticated control unit in the MEGA-Line AGS product range. In combines outstanding performance with unrivalled low weight (approx. 1800g) and extremely compact dimensions (approx. 166 x 65 x 156 mm).


The integrated compressor with pressure reservoir produces a constant pressure from 6 to a maximum of 8 bar and supplies the connected valve block via a Dash 6 hose.


To communicate with the remaining system components (ECU, data logger etc.) there is a CAN interface as well as an analogue interface. A USB port is available as programming interface.


The MEGA-Line control electronic is by far the most innovative shift process control system currently available. From the shift-phase dependent torque requirement to the throttle blip control for perfect downshift procedures, it comprises all the features for perfect gearbox control. 


The AGS OEM II offers the maximum possible potential when used in conjunction with a complete MEGA-Line shift system – combined with a MEGA-Line valve block, a shift cylinder, where appropriate a blip cylinder (for vehicles without electronic throttle control actuator ("drive by wire")) and MEGA-Line shift paddles.

Part No.Order No.Name
450-111-0116668Central unit AGS OEM II - Le Mans...load datasheet...note this product
450-112-0118273Central unit AGS OEM II - Le Mans double pot...load datasheet...note this product
450-211-0116806Central unit AGS OEM II - Desert...load datasheet...note this product