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Shift cylinder 997 Cup

Shift cylinder with 35 mm piston for Porsche 997 Cup

The shift cylinder 997 Cup, which was designed specifically for use in the Porsche 997 Cup model, is a pneumatically operated two-way actuator that moves the gearbox mounted shift lever in both directions (push/pull).

Technical description:


The shift cylinder is operated with a nominal pressure of between 6-8 bar. The compressed air is supplied via a Dash 4 hose.


A shift force of up to 600 N is available. Thanks to its excellent durability and constant performance, the shift cylinder is also especially suited for applications in endurance racing.


This shift cylinder was designed for use in the Porsche 997 Cup cars produced from 2010 and equipped with sequential gearboxes.


Optimum performance is guaranteed when used in combination with a MEGA-Line AGS central unit and a MEGA-Line valve block.


This shift cylinder is also part of the MEGA-Line complete plug & play Porsche 997 Cup kit.

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410-161-0119419Shift cylinder 997 Cup...note this product