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Shift cylinder 20mm

Shift cylinder +/-20mm mounting eye 0°

The 'shift cylinder +-20mm', which was developed for use in Lola LMP cars, is a pneumatically operated two-way actuator that moves the gearbox mounted shift lever in both directions (push/pull).

Technical description:


The shift cylinder is operated with a nominal pressure of between 6-8 bar. The compressed air is supplied via a Dash 4 hose.


A shift force of up to 600 N is available. Thanks to its excellent durability and constant performance, the shift cylinder is also especially suited for applications in endurance racing.


Piston diameter: 32mm

Stroke: +/- 20mm nominal displacement

Mounted length: 140mm (centre mounting eye – centre mounting eye @ centre position).


Optimum performance is guaranteed when used in combination with a MEGA-Line AGS central unit and a MEGA-Line valve block.

Part No.Order No.Name
376-012-011a6152Shift cylinder 20mm...load datasheet...note this product