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E-Linear Actuator OEM

E-Linear Actuator OEM

Powerful, e-motor driven actuator for high performance and high precision linear actuation in harsh environments.

The Linear Actuator OEM has been designed and developed to fulfill highest demands of modern motorsports in terms of performance as well as durability.

Special focus has been put on enabling the unit to work under harsh conditions.


The unit has been designed to suit a broad range of applications such as wastegate actuation, variable turbine geometry or even to act as a gearbox actuator.

Different mechanical adapters or application software solutions than the ones shown can be realized on demand, please contact us for your bespoke solution!


Maximum actuation range is 17mm with a maximum dynamic force of 500 N and a maximum static load of 300 N.

Part No.Order No.Name
221-112-01112556E-Linear Actuator OEM E-GA (gearchange application)...note this product
221-113-01112756E-Linear Actuator OEM E-WG (waste gate application)...note this product