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Shift Paddle 'Compact - X-Large'

Shift Paddle Compact - X-Large Edition

The Shift Paddle Compact in its X-Large version is a symmetrically designed paddle and can be used on right- as well as left-hand side.
The large paddle surface supports a save and easy activation.

Technical description:


The shift paddle permits high-precision, ultrafast shift control for sequential manual gearboxes.

The paddles are mounted within easy reach on the steering wheel. Upshifting is triggered by the right pad, down shifting is triggered by the left pad.

The shift pads are connected directly to the AGS central unit.

All "Compact" product line shift paddles excel through their excellent value for money and by the use of a high-quality electromechanical switch.

The X-Large edition supports a save and easy shift activation also during demanding situations by the extended size of the paddle surface.


Part No.Order No.Name
410-023-01112040Shift Paddle Compact - X-Large...load datasheet...note this product