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Control electronics CLS V2

Control electronics Car Lift System - DTM

Control unit for MEGA-Line Car Lift System (CLS).

Technical description:


The control electronics are the heart of the MEGA-Line Car Lift system CLS.


It allows the connection of up to four CLS-enabled wheel guns, an air lance and an ultrasonic sensor.


The data from the individual components is transmitted to the control electronics, processed and the corresponding status message emitted via the user interface (status LEDs).


The control electronics also regulate ejection of the air lance after positive feedback from all connected air guns when the complete Car Lift System is in use. Manual intervention in the process is possible at any time (e.g. prevent ejection of air lance).


In combination with the ultrasonic sensor, the control electronics enable analysis of the exact duration of the cars pit stop.


The CLS is designed to comply with the Deutschen Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) regulations and consequently allows the connection of up to 4 wheels guns. The data from each wheel gun is transmitted to the electronic controls unit for processing. In addition, the data is stored for analysis purposes.


The control unit is equipped with numerous operating modes and status LEDs. In the event of a power failure, the unit continues to operate using the internal batteries.

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