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Air lance car jack (air jack)

Air lance for on-board air jacks

Intelligent adapter for compressed air supply for on-board air jack system.

Technical description:


The air lance was designed together as assembly with the mating part on the car. This ensures that both components are perfectly integrated and that the air lance can be operated safely at a maximum 40 bar pressure.


The integrated pressure sensor transmits reliable real data. Combined with the CLS control electronic (CLS control unit) the air lance supplies the data for analysis purposes in real time.


The air lance includes an additional internal valve that can be activated via the control electronics to automatically eject the air lance after successful completion of the tyre change procedure.


A data logging system that records the air lance status (e.g. number of ejections, number of ejections since last service etc.) is also integrated.


The MEGA-Line air lance contributed to Audi Sport Japan Team GOHs victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2004. In this incredibly close and exciting race, in which the first two cars finished on the same lap, the shorter pit stop times, which were achieved by using the air lance, were ultimately one reason for the victory.


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