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Rocker actuator CLS - DP4000

Rocker actuator CLS - Paoli DP4000

Electronic upgrade for Paoli DP-4000 to communicate with CLS control electronics. Available for right-handed and left-handed users.

Technical description:


Operating voltage for the rocker actuator is 13.5 volts. The plug connection is a Deutsch 5 pin connector. The rocker actuator weighs (excluding wheel gun) approx. 410 grams.


The rocker actuator was developed as bespoke solution to upgrade a Paoli DP-4000 wheel gun.


The mechanic pushes the rocker actuator after completing the tyre change procedure. This transmits an enable signal to the CLS control electronics. The transmission is confirmed by the LED integrated into the rocker actuator.

Part No.Order No.Name
359-071-0118834Rocker actuator CLS - Paoli DP4000 right-hander...load datasheet...note this product
359-071-0128833Rocker actuator CLS - Paoli DP4000 left-hander...load datasheet...note this product