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External Clutch Dis-Engagement System

External Clutch Dis-Engagement System for hydraulic clutch applications

Pneumatic system for opening the clutch and dis-connecting transmission externally by the marshalls in case of a stranded car with stalled engine

The MEGA-Line External Clutch Dis-Engagement System (or short "Marshal-Neutral System") was developed based on the existing safety regulations for prototype cars of the LMP1 and LMP2 classes.


The system allows to dis-connect the drive train via a permanent switch placed on the outside of the car. This switch activates a pneumatic valve which then opens the clutch.


The system has to be integrated into the hydraulic clutch cycle between master and slave cylinder. It is supplied with pressurized air via a dash 4 pipe (6 bar pressure).

Air supply can be achieved in different ways:

  • direct link to air supply of e.g. pneumatic shift system
  • supply via standalone reservoir


All available MEGA-Line GCU's/compressors feature a sufficient pressure reservoir to normally open all common clutch applications.


By using the system in combination with the MEGA-Line Battery Pack 12V the clutch disengagement functionality becomes independent from the vehicle's power circuit and can be operated even with master switch OFF.


It is easily possible to retrofit the system to a car.

Based on the fact that rumors about the FIA will cascade this prototype safety feature also to GT classes are getting more and more intense, the External Clutch Dis-Engagement system is becoming very interesting also for GT customers!


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