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Intelligent Autarkic Supply

Intelligent Autarkic Supply (IAS) incl. accumulator

Accumulator incl. microcontroller for CAN communication to provide autarkic supply to MEGA-Line E-unit(s) for fulfilling marshalling command with car master switch being turned off.

The Intelligent Autarkic Supply (IAS) has been designed as an add-on system in combination with the MEGA-Line E-Clutch Actuator and / or E-Shift Actuator to help comply with the FIA regulation for disengaging the drive train of stranded cars by the marshals.

According to the regulation, the disengagement of the drive train has to be achieved in parallel to a disconnected car main battery.

The IAS contains a suitable accumulator combined with the required functionalities to allow to boot the desired MEGA-Line E-device and achieve a disconnected drivetrain even with car master switch being "off"  to enable the car to be pushed or towed.

The integrated accumulator (Li Ion) is permanently charged during standard car operation to ensure sufficient capacity. Also, the IAS unit allows to reduce wiring gauge for supply of the E-devices by acting as a buffer.


In order to allow scalability of the accumulator capacity, the unit also offers the possibility to connect an additional accumulator to react on increased supply needs.

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