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3V Valve block Family II

3-way valve block Family II without pressure sensor

Three way valve block for vehicles without ETC (“drive by wire") to control the shift cylinder and blip cylinder.

Technical description:


Three-way valve block for exact control of gearbox for precision upshift and downshift procedures combined with control of the blip cylinder for throttle blip actuation for optimised downshift procedures.


The AGS Family II series was developed as entry level series for intelligent gearbox control. It combines the technical state of the art standards with an attractive price.


The 3-way valve block Family II offers the maximum possible performance when used in conjunction with a MEGA-Line AGS central unit, a shift cylinder and a MEGA-Line blip cylinder. This combination guarantees optimised shift procedures, especially with the complicated downshift procedure.

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410-071-01174503-way valve block Family II without pressure sensor...load datasheet...note this product