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E-shift barrel (electronic shift barrel)

E-shift barrel OEM

Electrical adjustment unit for the shift barrel to implement up or down shift procedures.

Technical details:


The E-shift barrel OEM defines the technical standards for electronic shifting.


The electrical positioning unit does not simply replace all the pneumatic components, but also the gearbox components in the ratchet mechanism itself. As a result, this entire system achieves significantly greater precision for a reduction in weight.


The familiar MEGA-Line OEM features, such as optimised down shift procedures, are of course also implemented by the E-shift barrel.


By using the E-shift barrel OEM the opportunity arises to precisely control the exact position of the shift barrel. This, for example, allows a neutral position between any two gears to be targeted, which provides completely new options, such as to positively influence fuel consumption in the era of energy efficiency regulations.


In its maiden race at the 24h of Le Mans 2014, the E-shift barrel OEM immediately took 4th place.


When used in combination with the ETC actuator the maximum weight saving can be achieved by using perfectly integrated and matched electric/electronic devices.

Part No.Order No.Name
219-011-01110164E-shift barrel OEM - 90° version...load datasheet...note this product
219-021-01110621E-shift barrel OEM - 180° version...load datasheet...note this product