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Wiper Control Unit OEM

Wiper Control Unit OEM

High performance wiper unit as a combination of state of the art wiper controls paired with an adequately dimensioned, very powerful electric motor

Technical details:


The »Wiper Control Unit (WCU) OEM« was specifically designed and developed for the application in motorsports. The unit provides sufficient torque at constant wipe rpm (10Nm torque @ top speed) to ensure perfect sight - even at enhanced car speeds.


The WCU OEM allows to freely configuring the wipe range and it optionally features an automatic adaptation of the wipe angle depending on car speed.


It provides infinitely variable control and allows defining up to 3 different wipe speeds (incl. interval operation) in case of an analog input.

Optionally it is possible to directly request exactly the desired wipe speeds when operated via CAN.


The unit is easily adaptable to individual mounting points by using a distinct mounting plate (not part of standard delivery package - please contact us!).

Part No.Order No.Name
230-011-011a11487Wiper Control Unit OEM...load datasheet...note this product