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Leading Innovation

Our mission is the permanent technological advantage over our competitors!


Highest Quality Standards

Our motto: 100% quality results in 100% product reliability!


Top Performance

The name MEGA-Line symbolises top performance!

E-Shift Actuator GT

Compact and ultra-light high-performance rotary actuator for installation directly onto the gearbox selector barrel


  • Significantly increased position accuracy
  • Possibility of achieving a “false neutral” between each gear pair (for e.g. easy coasting to save fuel, advanced gearchange controls, drive train safe mode)
  • Enabling possibility to run different shift strategies/calibrations per gear pair (e.g. to address high differential speeds) etc.

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E-Clutch Actuator OEM

Electro-hydraulic clutch actuator, controlled via clutch paddle on steering wheel


  • Integrated Anti-Stall functionality
  • Assisted pull away function (“Launch Control”)

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E-Linear Actuator OEM

High-performance actuator for maximum precise and ultra-quick linear actuation, specially designed for operation in harsh environments


  • Maximum operating travel of 17mm
  • dynamic force of 500 N
  • maximum static load of 300 N

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ETC (electronic throttle control) actuator

Extremely light, electric control motor to position the throttle, which is controlled via the ECU


  •  ETC actuator to control the position of the throttle
  • optimum reliability and durability while weighing only approx. 870 g

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Wiper Control Unit OEM

High-performance wiper control unit combining state-of-the-art wiper controls with an exactly tailored, perfectly performant e-motor


  • allow the configuration of exactly the desired wipe angle and offers an automatic adaptation of the angle depending on car speed
  • offers up to 12 freely configurable wipe speeds including several freely programmable interval wipe modes
  • exact wipe speed (rpm) can be requested via CAN in real time
  • easily adaptable due to an exchangeable flange plate

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Compressor GT µC

Compact standalone air compressor with integrated pressure regulation for motorsport applications


The compressor GT µC is a standalone compressor unit with integrated pressure reservoir to supply compressed air for the shift systems with external actuators and external shift process control (e.g. integrated within the ECU).

In addition, the compressor GT µC is ideally suited for waste gate control applications.

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Highest Quality Standard

All MEGA-Line products are designed and manufactured for greatest reliability and durability under extreme conditions!

In order to withstand these extreme forces and loads, MEGA-Line also provides, in addition to finished products in top quality, services of the highest quality for the maintenance of your components, which in turn ensures exellent product durability.

in keeping with our basic principle 'highest quality standards' and to maximize the service life of your components, all our product servicing is carried out in-house exclusively by our well trained and very experienced engineers and technicians.


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In brief, MEGA-Line also provides the highest standards of quality in the field of maintenance
- as you would expect from us!

Race Blog

60th anniversary of the Daytona 24 hours successfully completed

Happy 60th anniversary, Daytona! What a frantic finish!!

And a clean race without issues for MEGA-Line with 14 out of 15 podium spots earned by our customers!

CONGRATS to all finishers!!

Rolex 24 - Let’s get ready for the first big 24h race of the season

61 starters

55 MEGA-Line customers

Let’s figure out who get themselves a new watch!

A safe race to all competitors!!


Let’s get loud at the World Center of Racing – ROAR before the 24!!
2 days of testing plus 100 minutes of racing, lets figure out what MEGA-Line customers are taking the pole positions for the first of the big four 24h races of 2022!

Performance Racing Industry 2021

Great to be back on US soil – two years not properly getting in touch with one of our most important markets felt like forever!

Let’s get the show going – we are super excited to hear and learn about your newest projects and ideas!! If you want TOP PERFORMANCE, remember to go see MEGA-Line!!

MEGA-Line @ 2021 Professional Motorsport World Cologne

After a one-year hiatus due to COVID, it is finally expo time again – Reason enough to celebrate this with a new booth design!

Going home with lots of great discussions and interesting opportunities! Thank you so much, folks!


Another successful year comes to an end – THANK YOU to all our customers and partners!

Let’s all take a rest and recharge batteries in the only two weeks where worldwide racing is taking a pit stop! See you for the 2022 season!

2021 Le Mans 24h is in the books

An intense 24h of Le Mans successfully completed!

MEGA-Line stats:

12 out of 12 podium spots running MEGA-Line - 61 out of 62 cars equipped

Overall, more than 100 MEGA-Line customers running in the event

And most important: A CLEAN RACE throughout all our components!

Congratulations to the winners – well done!