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The MEGA-Line History


The company's roots

After the company was established in 1995, MEGA-Line initially specialised in the development of electronic engine throttles for motorbikes. As a result of the innovative Technology , MEGA-Line rapidly became the preferred supplier for Alpha Technik and other leading German manufacturers.

MEGA-Line used the resulting contacts to break into motorbike racing. Following several successful Projects in cooperation with Suzuki in the field of pneumatic gear shifting for motorbikes, Audi Sport became aware of the innovative engineers from eastern Bavaria.

This made possible the first steps into professional motorsport on four wheels. Thanks to innovative ideas and the high quality implementation of the first projects with Audi Sport, MEGA-Line advanced to technical partner and development Partner for gearbox control within the Framework of Audi's LMP Programme.


Innovative technologies for professional motorsport

The success made the small, highly expert team around company founders Erwin Gassner and Josef Meier to one of the most highly respected and coveted development partners for factory and professional motorsport teams throughout every category within a very short space of time.

Based on the experience gained in the fields of pneumatic and electronic control systems, MEGA-Line decided to diversify and expand its product range away from just pure gearbox control.

The decision would soon pay dividends. Thanks to the innovations initiated, MEGA-Line also quickly established itself as sought-after partner in the fields of pit stop systems and steering wheels.


Top performance in amateur motorsport

In order to make the experiences gained in professional motorsport also accessible for amateur categories, MEGA-Line decided to launch a suitable product range on the market.

To this end, the target was to design an economical line of products for use in GT racing and other amateur categories and to establish superior, innovative technology outside professional factory motorsport by making it accessible for the entire range of amateur categories.

The final result was a perfectly integrated combination of operability, durability and price that generated maximum performance: the product range 'AGS Family II'.

Within an extremely short period of time, this product range opened access into the highest quality Level of amateur motorsport and, at the same time, also made MEGA-Line a highly desirable supplier in this sector.